September 2022

September 2022

As usual, we start with a quick round-up of key events in August.

1-line news

  1. We're partcicipating in Tallinn Coffee Festival🥳
  2. We've fixed Smart ID for the Baltics💳
  3. We've launched new products🤩
  4. We've expanded to Finland🇮🇹🤝🇫🇮
  5. We've started a Coffee Club on Telegram and a shop in Instagram👥
  6. Some more news coming up first week of September. Stay tuned on Coffee Club

1. Tallinn Coffee Festival

 If you haven't got a ticket it's just about the right time. The Festival brings together some of the greatest coffee distributors, roasters, baristas and near-coffee companies. If you are a coffee lover then the first Saturday of September you gotta be around Tallinn Creative Hub (Kultuurikatel).

We will be there with a range of compatible coffee capsules, functional drinks and three coffee machines to get you this phenomenal black liquid early morning🥱

Come by to say hello👋

Official page of the Festival →

2. Smart ID

Smart ID payment methods by Paysera

Paysera has been giving us some hard time with there "not-so-good" working payment module for Shopify. Estonian customers never had any problems with banklinks but those in Latvia and Lithuania who tried to go through the checkout and pay directly via LHV, SEB, Swedbank etc. encountered errors. 

We brought up the issue with the provider but the system kept acting up like it was on vacation.

Finally, 18 of August we received the long awaited email. Paysera had re-launched integration with Shopify and uploaded a new module.

Paysera Shopify module

Now you can pay with Smart ID and Mobile ID no matter where you are (in Estonia or other Baltic states). 

Order now →

3. New products

Inflation turned summer into bummer. The rising cost of electricity has been a big game changer in a number of European countries. Some factories paused, some manufacturers increased prices, some business shut down permanently.

We are not happy with such a thing as inflation. But we are more unhappy with lousy customer services, justified by inflation. So whichever has to do with us, will remain intact. That being said, shipping and delivery across three Baltics states will be free of charge like it used to be. As for the rest, we figured it is the right time to lock down long-term pricing with our suppliers (both existing and new ones).

In search of new products we resorted to two proven solutions:

  1. We tapped into the domain of connections that we'd built across Italy over the past years.
  2. We asked your opinion.

The survey was distributed in August and had a conversion rate of 14.5%, which we consider satisfactory.

Among others we asked you a vital question What else would you like to buy at Caffé Uno?, prividing that we maintain the quality of Italian-only products with fast & free delivery.

New products survey results

  • 47.2% responded that they would like to see more coffee blends
  • 18.9% responded that they would like to buy desserts and snacks
  • 11.3% opted for wine and organic household care products each
  • 5.7% wished that we'd launched non-alcoholic beverages and organic personal care products

So be it!

We've already contacted some manufacturers and placed orders for great snacks, cookies, hot chocolate, cereal bars and surely new coffee (soy cappuccino included).

Stay tuned on Instagram and Coffee Club →

4. Hei Suomi

You might have noticed slight changes in our brand book. Domus Italiae (latin. House of Italy) appeared as the main logo across all the social channels. 

Domus Italiae logo

Domus Italiae is a Nordics-focused online store run by our family. Unlike Caffé Uno Baltics that is dedicated to coffee and near-coffee products for the Baltic states, Domus Italiae specialises in Italian food and beverages, personal care and Italian lifestyle.

You might be wondering what's so Finnish about the webstore aside from our claims. Well, it's the long awaited Finnish version of the website that we are launching early September. Two main languages on the web store are English and Finnish, so feel free to share on social media and to tell your friends. Fast and reliable shipment comes as standard😉

Visit Domus Italiae →

5. Join the club and shop on Instagram

How to stay on top of things in the coffee industry: read coffee blogs and newsletters, watch podcasts, attend conferences and talk to experts. Or you can sign up for Caffé Uno Baltics where we filter out all the news and post something that got our interest. What's in it for you:

– coffee industry news with our comments

– fun facts and statistics that we believe are worth mentioning

– consumer advices

– spontaneous sales and promo codes 

The good thing is that if you find us overwhelming you can simply mute the channel and read it in your spare time. 

Instagram too. We've added a cool feature that helps you hop on a landing page right on your Instagram feed (look it up in Bio): watch cool videos, buy top selling products, double-check FAQ and more.

Follow us on Instagram →

Join us at Caffé Uno Baltic coffee club →


More news to come. But hey, why would not you join us on social media:

Love you all,
Alex and Eve
Caffé Uno Baltics | A family shop of Italian drinks


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