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Bonini Club Italian espresso coffee machine + 150 capsules

Bonini Club Italian espresso coffee machine + 150 capsules

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Each coffee machine comes with 150 capsules.

The Bonini Club system is a patented system designed to make the perfect coffee. Our machines are elegant and highly reliable as they are 100% Italian designed and manufactured. The incredible aroma of Caffé Bonini's famous blends is captured with proprietary technology to ensure an appetizing and fresh coffee.

  • Capsule sealed with a barrier
  • Made in Italy
  • Contains 7g of coffee
  • Its special conical shape expels the coffee, creating a swirl effect, giving you the chance to get more foam and more intense flavor.
  • The Bonini Club capsule size allows us to develop flavored coffees, teas and instant drinks (chocolate, milk, etc.), offering a wider range of products.
  • Our capsule is protected by a patent.

The quality of our coffee is attributed to carefully selected coffee beans, both Arabica and Robusta. The first is sweet and aromatic, the second is stronger and is the crucial gunine for the authentic froth of Italian espresso. After the roasting process, our coffee experts carry out the most important and artistic stage of our coffee making: blending.

In addition to classic coffee, we offer 10 flavored coffee blends, 10 instant drinks and 10 different teas.

Bonin concept

Caffe Bonini is one of the most popular coffee roasters in Italy. We specialize in the production of compatible capsules and pods, having the widest range of products for the most popular systems (Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, Illy, Caffitaly, Bialetti, etc.).Our company managed to conquer both the Italian and international markets in a short time, because we understood the following questions importance.

  1. Why should the end user choose Bonini?
  2. Why should the customer not buy the ORIGINAL capsule?
  3. How to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

The answer to these questions was one and only: create a project around a good quality compatible capsule and then turn the product into a reliable and recognizable brand.

Today, many customers who originally intended to buy ORIGINAL products now choose Caffé Bonini compatible capsules. Caffè Bonini has opened more than 130 stores throughout Italy (in less than 3 years), which confirms our strength in achieving this goal. We are a brand.

Achieving this important result has allowed us to expand our development into a closed system solution. Finally, we can offer customers a new experience. We are pleased to introduce the BONINI CLUB ORIGINAL capsule to the world.

This new completely MADE IN ITALY system is specially designed as an ideal solution for hotels and restaurants. Space is of vital importance in a hotel and it is still not easy to find a unique service that suits all areas while maintaining the high quality expected of Italian coffee.

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