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Bonini Club Espresso Seta Arabica, 50

Bonini Club Espresso Seta Arabica, 50

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Espresso Seta

Coffee: Arabica blend 100%

Color: Hazelnut

Aroma: citrus and dried fruits

Palate: mild acid, medium low body, low bitterness

Aftertaste: medium long

Intensity: 5

Capsules in a package: 50

Bonini Club

The Bonini Club system is a patented system designed to make the perfect coffee. Our machines are elegant and very reliable as they are 100% Italian design. The incredible aroma of Caffè Bonini's famous blends is captured with proprietary technology to ensure satisfying and fresh coffee.

Barrier sealed capsule:

  • Made in Italy
  • Contains 7g of coffee
  • Its special conical shape expels the coffee, creating a swirling effect, giving you the chance to get more foam and more intense flavor.
  • The Bonini Club capsule size allows us to develop a wider range of flavored coffees, teas and instant drinks (chocolate, milk, etc.).
  • Our capsule is protected by a patent.
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