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Gimoka Cappuccino, Dolce Gusto

Gimoka Cappuccino, Dolce Gusto

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The most popular coffee drink that makes many of us buy a Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® coffee machine in the first place. Cappuccino (from the Italian cappuccino - capuchin) is an Italian coffee drink made on the basis of espresso, with the addition of heated frothed milk. The origin of the name is due to the fact that in 17th century Europe, the name of the Capuchin order was primarily used to denote the characteristic color (red-brown) of the cassocks of the monks of this order; In the 18th century, a coffee drink made from egg yolks and cream, which was made in Austria (Kapuziner in German), was also called. The Italian form of the drink's name (cappuccino) appeared only in the 20th century. In the 19th century, Padre Carlo invented the first cappuccino machine, where water was heated in one chamber, creating steam, and forced through a pipe into another chamber, where the milk was frothed.

8 natural roasted coffee capsules + 8 milk formula capsules in a pack

Recommended size: 200 ml milk, 40 ml coffee


Coffee: 50% Arabica, 50% Robusta. Milk: basic powder (glucose syrup, non-hydrogenated coconut oil, stabilizers: E340, E452; milk protein, anti-caking agent: E551; emulsifier: E472e; coloring agent: E160a), skimmed milk powder (24%), whey powder, sugar, dextrose, whey protein, anti-caking agent: E551; salt.

Nutritional values

100 g Serving
406 kcal 84 kcal
14.1 g 3.0 g
   of which saturated 8.7 g 2.7 g
48.4 g 12.5 g
   of which sugars 27.8 g 5.8 g
12.5 g 1.9 g
0.8 g 0.2 g
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