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MyKico Iced Coffee Cream

MyKico Iced Coffee Cream

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The cold coffee cream revolution.

Mokico is an instant cold coffee cream that combines the unmistakable taste of cappuccino and the velvety consistency of cream. A gluten- or lactose-free delight that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Leave it in the fridge for at least half an hour at + 4 °C and then… enjoy!


UHT coffee cream, a long-lasting lactose-free dessert.
Complies with EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 on materials intended to come into contact with food and subsequent amendments.


Whole milk* 75%, cream* 13%, sugar, potato starch, instant coffee 1.2%, acidity regulator: sodium phosphate, thickener: carrageenan; salt, natural flavoring agent, lactase.
*Milk origin: Austria

Lactose residue less than 0.1%, due to its breakdown into glucose and galactose

Nutritional values

Average nutritional value per 100 ml:

  • Energy value Kcal: 137 kJ: 575
  • Fats: 7.2g/100g.
    • of which saturated fatty acids: 4.6 g./100g.
  • Carbohydrates: 15 g./100g.
    • of which sugars: 13 g./100g
  • Proteins: 3.0 g./100g.
  • Salt: 0.33 g./100g.
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